An emotional night ahead for the Eagles and their fans

(Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

I always look at sports as the ultimate escape from reality. For three hours, you can escape from reality and immerse yourself into your favorite teams game and try to forget the problems of your life. It is how I am able to get through my week. On Saturday morning, I lost my loving grandmother. The Penn State game Saturday night helped take my mind off of it a little as I watched with my mom. We laid her to rest yesterday. Today, the Eagles game will help me bounce back into my normal life. Obviously, I won’t easily forget about my grandmother, but for three hours, I can keep my mind occupied on the game.


I can’t help but think about all those that will be at the game, or watching on tv that can’t share that moment tonight with their loves ones who have passed. They won’t be able to see that banner get lifted with their father, brother, uncle, sister or aunt. It’s nights like these that sports can be so much more than “just a game”. Yes, the final score of tonight’s game is important. However, it’s week one. The Eagles could lose this game, and the season isn’t over.


Tonight, the game is about the emotions. The culmination of the Super Bowl victory. The escape from reality for myself and many others. The loved ones who can’t be there to see the banner raised with their family. I have a bad feeling the Eagles may drop tonight’s game. The Falcons are due for a win against us and the emotions will be running high for the Eagles. Even should the Eagles lose tonight, I will still have a good time watching the game with all my closest friends. Quite frankly, that’s what tonight’s all about for me. Everything but the game. I’ll worry about W’s and L’s next week.