What Golden Tate brings to the Eagles

(Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

For the second straight season, the Eagles have made a big move before the trade deadline. Last year, they acquired Jay Ajayi. It was a move that ultimately helped them win a Super Bowl. They’ve followed that up this year by trading for Golden Tate. Just like Ajayi did last year, Tate will give the Eagles a huge jolt in the arm. Hopefully, the result of this move is another parade down Broad St. 


The Eagles had three needs going into the deadline. Wide receiver, cornerback, and running back. Obviously, they weren’t going to be able to fill all their needs. I personally would’ve gone after a corner. However, it’s clear Jim Schwartz really values players that know his defense. That leaves either running back or wide receiver. Wide receiver it was, and they landed a pretty good one at that. 


Golden Tate has been one of the most consistent receivers in football over the last five seasons. He found a home in the slot with the Lions and built a great rapport with Mathew Stafford. He’s a veteran receiver that understands the nuances of the game. Even little things that he does like blocking and giving subtle indicators while running routes are a huge boost to Carson’s arsenal. Not to mention, he is one of the best yards after catch receivers in the NFL. An area where the Eagles are near the bottom of the league.


Here is what I am most looking forward to, he will bring a fire to this team. A fire that will be felt on both sides of the ball. When I said he would be a jolt in the arm, I truly meant that. The Eagles as a whole have been missing that fire that won them a championship last season. I believe Tate will bring some of that back. Playing with fire is something that can be contagious. If it indeed spreads through that locker room, the Eagles could be dangerous team the second half of the season.