It is officially Dallas week

It is officially Dallas week

(Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Ever since I was a youth, the week of Eagles versus the Cowboys was a treat. I got to talk a lot of smack to Cowboys fans at school. I watched a lot of highlight videos when I should’ve been doing work. If I was a good boy and got good grades, sometimes the week would end with me going to the game. While some things have changed, I can still log onto my Facebook and talk smack to those same kids I went to high school with. The rivalry brings out the best of both fan bases.


They tell me how many Super Bowls they have. I tell them if they have that game taped that they would need a VCR to watch it. I always offer my old VCR since I’m a nice guy. The trash talk has become easier after the Eagles won it all last season. The Cowboys rings from the 90’s are probably pretty rusty by now. The Eagles are reigning champions and I love to remind Cowboys fans whenever I can.


All week, I will look back at some of my favorite memories from the rivalry. The good, bad, pretty, and ugly. I’m certain this Sunday night will create another big moment in the legendary rivalry. They hate us and we hate them. A tie of first place could potentially be on the line. It’s a season changing game and both teams will put it all on the line. I wish the game was tomorrow. It’s going to be a long week until Sunday, but it’ll all be worth it come Sunday night.

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