St. Nick delivers again

(Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)
Yesterday had all the makings of a heartbreaking end to the season. The Texans seized control of the game until an 83-yard Foles touchdown to Nelson Agholor tilted the momentum back to the Eagles. The Eagles then expanded the lead to 29-16. In typical Eagles fashion, they blew that lead and it looked like the Texans all but wrapped it up. However, with 2 minutes left and the ball at the Eagles 11, Foles would lead the Eagles on a remarkable game winning drive that ended with a Jake Elliot field goal. Adding to his legend and saving the Eagles season in the process.


The story of the 2018 Eagles has been blowing big leads. Whenever the Eagles have gotten their hands on a two-touchdown lead, they have blown it. If they hadn’t coughed up the Panthers or Titans game, the Eagles would be in the playoffs and not on the outside looking in.


The fact that they are on the outside looking in is a miracle. The Saints loss put them at 4-6 and the playoffs looked like an afterthought. I must give credit where it’s due, the Eagles reached deep down and have shown championship character ever since. Unfortunately, they waited a little too late to do that. Now, the Eagles will need to rely on some help from the Chicago Bears to get into the playoffs. An Eagles win and a Vikings loss to the Bears is the only way they can get into the playoffs.


For some reason, I have a growing feeling that that’s going to happen and the Eagles sneak into playoffs. I’m normally not that optimistic. I don’t know if it’s the Christmas spirit or the Foles magic. The Eagles normally blow games like the Texans game and they won it. There are greater forces at play here. Ertz and Foles are on fire. Sproles is back and making plays again. The defense is finally showing a pulse again. If they let the Eagles in the playoffs, the rest of the NFC could be in some trouble again. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everybody!