Can Eagles miracle run continue into the playoffs?

(Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

It wasn’t long ago that I sat at my grandfather’s house watching the Eagles play the Saints. While I was watching the game, I remember thinking to myself that there is no way this team can make the playoffs. The defense looked disinterested and the injuries were just adding up. The offense had no energy or creativity in it. After the embarrassing loss to the Saints, something with the Eagles changed. We saw a different team from that point on. They were a few (very)debatable calls against the Cowboys away from winning the division and running the table.


After the injury to Wentz, Foles took it to the next level. If I am being honest, I don’t think we are talking about the playoffs right now if Foles never takes over for Wentz. I say that as an avid supporter of Carson. There is just something about this team when Foles takes over at quarterback that can’t be explained. Going into LA and beating the Rams is no small task. The Texans coming into your house and beating them is no small task either. Foles just knows how to live in the present and take things one play at a time.


I am sure he will do the same thing against the Chicago Bears on Sunday. I don’t see why the Eagles can’t go into a Chicago and beat the Bears. The Bears defense is absolutely no joke. Their defense can control a game. The Bears also have a very good offensive line. The one factor that the Eagles have going for them is that it’s Mitchell Trubisky’s first playoff start. We don’t know how he will deal with that pressure. If the Eagles win the battle up front, Trubisky will have to deal with a lot of pressure.


The more pressure he faces; the better the Eagles chances are of leaving Chicago with a win. The chances of leaving New Orleans with a win are a lot less likely. However, we will do what Nick Foles does best and that is live in the moment one game at a time.