Brett Brown Gets Win Over Mentor

Anytime the Sixers take on the Spurs, the relationship between Pop and Brown is always discussed. Brown was a long time assistant under Popovich previous to his tenure with the Sixers. Since then, Brown has led “The Process” that the Sixers started Sixers years ago. For the first time in decades, it finally seems like the Sixers future is brighter than the Spurs. The evidence was on full display last night.


Even without Jimmy Butler in the lineup, the Sixers took the best shot the Spurs could offer and pulled out a thrilling victory. It looked like the Sixers had no chance with a little over two minutes left. However, a Shamet three- and a Redick four-point play quickly changed that. Embiid and Simmons fought through injury and illness to get a big win for the Sixers.


The Sixers are one-Paul-George-game-winner away from six wins in a row. The schedule continues to grow harder with the Nuggets, Lakers, and Warriors on the horizon. If I am the Sixers, I rest Embiid against the Nuggets so he can get a week off. He has been playing through injury and deserves rest for putting the Sixers on his back. While he is starting to shed the injury-prone label, they should still be careful and not over work him when they can.


The Sixers are proving they will be a force to be reckon with come playoff time. While a championship this year is unlikely with the Warriors still loaded, they are setting the groundwork for a championship run in the next few years once the Warriors team starts to break apart.