Sixers Flash Potential Just Days After Trade

(Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Tobias Harris, Mike Scott, and Boban Marjanovic have been on the Sixers for less than a week. Yet, they have taken down the Nuggets and the Lebron-led Lakers in that time. The Nuggets are second in the West, and when you play against the best player in the world, that is never an easy task. The fact they beat these teams without even a full practice under their belt makes it even more remarkable.


The Sixers, as currently constructed, can overwhelm just about any team in the league with just pure talent. It is scary to think how good this core can get once everyone figures each other out – more importantly, once Brett Brown figures out exactly how to put these guys in the best position to succeed.


Here is what we have seen so far from the starting five while out there together:


In the 30 minutes they have played together, they are a +17. Brett Brown has a done a good job with the minutes. He always has at least two or three members of his starting lineup out there at all times. Brown has a starting unit that plays very unselfish. The Sixers are third in the league in “assist per game” and the starting lineup (especially the big four) has already shown they are willing to play as unselfish as it takes to win. I think once the team really gels, you will see a team that moves the ball like the Spurs in their hey day.


Before we get to ahead of ourselves, the Sixers still have a lot to prove. However, what we know already is that the Sixers have as good a chance to come out of the East as any other team. We couldn’t sit here and say that before the Harris trade. Brand got the pieces for Brett. Now it’s time for him to put it together and bring a championship back to Philadelphia.