Eagles continue to clear cap ahead of free agency

(Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Howie Roseman and his ability to maneuver the salary cap is nothing short of amazing. The Eagles are always players in free agency because of the way he can restructure contracts and find loopholes in the system. Howie has helped the Eagles create nearly 19 million in cap space headed into free agency. He’s done that by restructuring the contracts of Lane Johnson and Rodney McLeod. Jason Kelce also agreed to an extension, which helped give the Eagles even more cap space.


This is a very important offseason for the Eagles. They are now a year removed from winning the super bowl. They’re in need of more playmakers on both sides of the ball, and need to go all out this offseason. The team needs to get all the talent they can around Carson Wentz while he’s still on his rookie deal. Once he gets his big contract, the Eagles flexibility to make moves will take a hit.


It’s easy to say the obvious. That being the Eagles should sign Le’veon Bell. Of course, we’d all love if that happened. However, if the Eagles can’t make that happen, adding a guy like TJ Yeldon or Tevin Coleman would really help out the offense. If the Eagles re-sign Ajayi and bring in Yeldon/Coleman, that could potentially be a lethal combo in the backfield. At receiver, I don’t think anything crazy needs to be done. They could bring Tate back on a short deal or go after a deep threat like John Brown or Tavon Austin. As long as you have Alshon and Ertz, you just need solid, complimentary guys around them.


On defense, there are a few intriguing possibilities. CJ Mosley would be a great addition should the Eagles choose to not re-sign Jordan Hicks. They could also use some depth on the interior line after losing Ngata and Jernigan. Will they make a run at Suh? Suh showed last year that he could still be productive. Another intriguing possibility could be Landon Collins. With McLeod coming off injury, maybe the Eagles go after Collins and stick it to their division rival.


There are endless possibilities next week. If I had to bet on one thing, it’d be that the Eagles will be very active. Howie loves to make a big splash and ownership loves the Eagles being in the headlines. The Eagles will be suitors in next week’s market and that my friends is a lock.