Will the Foles magic continue?

Here we are, week 16 of the NFL season. The Eagles first 14 games of the season have breezed by and there hasn’t been a shortage of storylines to follow. Which honestly, is typical of an Eagles season. We now find ourselves in a similar situation as last year. The only difference is, the Eagles do not have home field advantage in the playoffs. This year, Nick Foles has the Eagles fighting to get into the playoffs.

The Foles 2018 run is already off to a magical start. He took the Eagles into LA and won a game no sane person would have picked them to win. At this point, whatever I, or any expert says has almost no merit when it comes to the Eagles. The only predictable thing about the Eagles is that they’re unpredictable. We can sit here and doubt Nick Foles all we want, but somehow this team always backs him up and plays for him. No one really has a clue what this Eagles team is going to do from here on out. So, as we head into this weekend’s game versing the Texans, one must ask if there is any magic left.

If you line up the teams on paper, the Texans are the better team. They should have a field day with the Eagles secondary. Watt and Clowney should make Foles’ day very difficult. However, the Eagles are at home on a cold December day. Lincoln Financial Field will be juiced up for Foles and the last home game of the year. The Eagles should be getting Jordan Hicks and Timmy Jernigan back in the lineup. Alshon Jeffery had a resurgence last week and should stay hot against a team that gives up the 6th most passing yards per game in the league.

The Eagles are favored in the game for a reason. I won’t make an official prediction, but let’s just say I have a feeling that St. Nick might come a few days early this year.