Patience is key for Phillies fans

The “P” word is something that’s notoriously hard to find when it comes to Philadelphia sports fans. Prime example is the sentence you’re reading. I, along with the rest of Philly fans, are some of the least patient in the country. I don’t say it as a negative. We’re filled with passion and just want the best for our teams. The lack of patience shines through the most during football season. You only have 16 games and every one counts. We’re actually right to not have patience for the Eagles. The problem is, we also apply it to the Sixers, Flyers, and Phillies. All teams that play a marathon of a season.


Myself and others were already calling for Gabe Kapler to be fired two weeks into last season. I’m sure he’ll do something stupid by the end of the weekend and people will start saying that again. I can remember people wanting Doug Pederson fired after his first season. It’s a good thing most fans aren’t running these franchises. Going into this baseball season, let’s use a little patience.


Baseball, more than any other sport, needs just that. Odubel Herrera was the batting champion two months into last season. We all saw how that ended up going. I’m challenging myself to become better. I’m going to try and not nitpick everything Kapler does. I’m not going to get mad over players not running out ground balls. I’m gonna relax when I see guys going through slumps.


I’m 25 years old, and I have way more grey hairs than someone my age should. I have concluded being a Philly sports fan is the reason why. While I enjoy my partial season ticket package this season, I’m taking a more laid-back approach. Less yelling, more patience. I suggest we all do the same. This is going to be the best season of Phillies baseball in nearly a decade, so let’s drink some Bud light limes and enjoy it.