Advanced Research Systems was started in 1986 to provide cryogenic solutions for low temperature research. We have evolved as a world class global manufacturer of closed cycle cryocoolers and custom laboratory cryogenic systems for scientists and universities. Our cryogenic solutions are used for cutting-edge applications and experiments ranging from quantum science, to optical spectroscopy, to neutron scattering. ARS specializes in Helium-Free Cryostats, Flow Cryostats, and Probe Stations; all of which are manufactured in our headquarters in Macungie, Pennsylvania.

Wiring Technician: This full-time position will be responsible for assembly and installation of wiring and sensors on ARS products. 2 years of experience working with <40 gauge wiring, fiber optic cables, or other electrical backgrounds is essential. Familiarity with lab equipment, vacuum-tight connectors, and electrical feedthroughs is a plus. The technician should be able to read and interpret production drawings to guide instrumentation. This is a Day-Shift position, with convenient hours. Good time management skills and independent work ethic is helpful. Technician would be trained on proprietary technology and good assembly practices.

Benefits include: Paid Vacation, Medical, Dental, Life Insurance, 401K employer contribution. Hourly Pay is commensurate with experience.