How Foles can takeover Wentz’s job for good

(Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

It’s crazy to imagine this scenario. We certainly don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. However, now that the Eagles are in the playoffs, there’s a pathway for Foles to permanently take over the starting job going into next season. If Wentz never gets hurt, Foles never gets this opportunity again. Since the Wentz injury, Foles has run the table and gotten the Eagles into the playoffs. The success of Foles now begs a question I never thought I’d need to answer. What does he have to do to make Wentz expendable?


I believe that no matter what the result is against the Bears Sunday, it’s undoubtedly still Carson’s team. However, the following week is where it starts to get interesting. If Foles takes the Eagles into New Orleans and beats them after Wentz couldn’t, there’ll be a lot of pressure on the Eagles to trade Wentz and stay with Foles next season. At that point, I still think you stay with Wentz. Where it gets even more interesting is if Foles takes them to another Super Bowl. 


I’m sorry Carson. I love you like the brother I never had, but at that point I think you trigger Foles’ option and trade Wentz for a Godfather type of deal. Multiple firsts and an impact player that would help an Eagles team in a win-now mode. If Foles takes the Eagles to another Super Bowl, you’ll have a hard time convincing both the players and fans that he isn’t the right guy to lead this team.


It’s always fun to think of different kinds of scenarios. Of course, this could all be for not if the Eagles lose Sunday. However, if another Super Bowl run occurs, it could be time to stick with Foles. A thought I could’ve never imagined just a short few weeks ago.