Beat The Star


Every Friday on the Happy Hour one listener will try to pick NFL games better than that week’s surprise celebrity guest. Beat the star with your picks and win the prize of the week. The Sunday night primetime game is used only as a tiebreaker. Only the Star picks that game, because stars get star treatment.

This Week's Star

This week’s star is Lehigh Men’s Basketball Coach Brett Reed.

Week 16Bill – Wind GapBrett Reed
Ravens @ Chargers ChargersChargers
Bengals @ BrownsBrownsBrowns
Vikings @ LionsVikings Lions
Texans @ EaglesEaglesEagles
Falcons @ Panthers FalconsFalcons
Steelers @ SaintsSaintsSaints

Chiefs @ Seahawks


Chiefs Seahawks
Weekly Record5-14-2
Season Record9-77-9